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Thankful June 25, 2009

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God has blessed our family.  My DH has a broken ankle and stretched ligaments.  This all came from the accident on June 13th.  I am so thankful for having him here with us and I am deeply saddened that my uncle is not.  He was such a wonderful passionate person who will never be forgotten. God was with these men as they traveled even though it was as tragic as it was, my uncle didn’t suffer and  my husband’s ankle was the only thing hurt physically; it could have been a lot worse. 

One thing I have been very thankful for is FAMILY!  Of course our family is quite large and very close.  I am blessed to have family like ours.




Menu Plan June 15, 2009

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I am sorry there will be no menu plan for this week.  I will be running around a lot.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  Will post somethings if I get a chance.




Tragic Events June 14, 2009

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This is so hard to write but I wanted my friends to know.  Yesterday, 2 of my uncles and my husband set out on their annual motorcycle trip to MI.  While going through Louisa KY, a driver was on the wrong side of the road and killed my uncle in a head on collision.  My husband’s ankle is broken but I am thankful that his life was spared.  The other uncle is physically okay.  I will be “out of commission” for a while.  Please say a prayer for us this will be a very hard time for all of us. 

You will see some updated posts but they were written last week before all this occured. 




Pampered Little Princess Boutique

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I ran across this Etsy shop Pampered Little Princess Boutique.  She has the most darling hair bows, tu-tu’s, and so many other little things.  It makes me want a little girl to frill up.

Here are a couple of pictures!  She does Custom orders.  I love the idea of having a tu-tu with a cupcake made up on it for a little girl’s birthday.  Talk about a little princess… she’d feel as if she was most magnificent person on her special day.




Toliet Paper Roll Mini-Album June 12, 2009

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I found this over at the Cricut Message Board! I am so thankful that other people share their creative spirits so freely. 

Please lookat this lady’s blog for more information. 

I have a coworker; he and his wife are hoping for a B@by this next year.  Good thing they told me ahead of time considering how long it is taking me to finish this.  I hope that they will enjoy it.  I hope that they be able to hold some of there memories in here.  You know who you are no peeking! All smiles for me! 


Hope you enjoy!




Baby Boy Card June 11, 2009

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Here is a baby boy card for a high school class mate that I haven’t seen since HS! It is very simple. I just can’t get the hang of making cards fancy.   I can’t seem to think it from beginning to finish.  I do the best I can.  I am just not a frilly person, I guess.

She is having a boy! Yeah, I love little boys. 

I used NA cart. 


Baby Boy Card




Meal Plan June 9, 2009

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 My Menu for this week…already faltered

This week I will be eating out of the pantry this week too!  I am cleaning out and using up…

Monday – Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Green Beans, Fruit (Strawberries and Blueberries); got home very late to cook so we had sandwiches and cereal.  Yes cereal.  I don’t do it often but sometimes that is okay. 

Tuesday – Lasagna, mixed veggies, bread sticks

Wednesday -Asian Style Chicken Fried Rice

Thursday – Work late Boys on their own.  Maybe Grandmother will cook for them. 

Friday – TBD? Leftovers/Refrigerator clean-out!

Saturday – visiting my mom and dad while hubby is GONE! 

Sunday – visiting my mom and dad

Next week I will not post a menu.  Therefore I won’t be able to clean out my cabinets any!  Ugh.  If you seen them you would think it was just awful.  Maybe I can get a couple of more scrapbook things done this up coming weekend.  Who knows what we will get into.