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Meal Plan June 9, 2009

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 My Menu for this week…already faltered

This week I will be eating out of the pantry this week too!  I am cleaning out and using up…

Monday – Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Green Beans, Fruit (Strawberries and Blueberries); got home very late to cook so we had sandwiches and cereal.  Yes cereal.  I don’t do it often but sometimes that is okay. 

Tuesday – Lasagna, mixed veggies, bread sticks

Wednesday -Asian Style Chicken Fried Rice

Thursday – Work late Boys on their own.  Maybe Grandmother will cook for them. 

Friday – TBD? Leftovers/Refrigerator clean-out!

Saturday – visiting my mom and dad while hubby is GONE! 

Sunday – visiting my mom and dad

Next week I will not post a menu.  Therefore I won’t be able to clean out my cabinets any!  Ugh.  If you seen them you would think it was just awful.  Maybe I can get a couple of more scrapbook things done this up coming weekend.  Who knows what we will get into.




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