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Lack of creativity May 16, 2010

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Well I have sort of had a slump in the creativity department.  My auntie asked for a tile well….A LONG TIME AGO!  It has a lot of words and I just didn’t see the finished product.  Couldn’t find a font I liked then I also seconded guess myself.  I am working on it.  I am really trying here.  I didn’t want a “print” font but all the script I came across was very thin.  Have I mentioned I am not very creative when I can’t see a finished product????   SO 2 half finished Tiles later it still isn’t done.

My next weekend.  I dislike slumps so much…






Meal Plan March 16, 2010

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Wow! What a weekend.  We had a baby shower on Saturday, and a busy day overall.  It just seemed to fly by.  But it was a really wet weekend.  We had lots of flooding around us.  Lucky for us we do live on a hill from the creek but the water rushing down the mountain behind us did get in our basement.  I am thankful that we have a drain that we opened and the water just flowed out.  Then we had to dehumidify the rest of the water out.  Yucky mess!!

I haven’t given this week’s meal plan much thought because of how busy we are going to be.  But I will jot down a thing or two.

Monday  Pork Tenderloin, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans, and Beer Bread.  The Beer Bread would have been good but you see I took it out of the freezer and toasted it and YES Mother of the Year left it in the oven.  Mind you I did turn the oven off I just didn’t get it out.  I remembered some time in the middle of night and said forget it; it was no good at that point anyways. 

Tuesday  Spaghetti with Meat sauce and toast

Wednesday Leftovers from Fridge

Thursday  Pizza

Friday Farmer on his own. 

I will be out of town at the Farm Bureau Women’s Conference.  What do you do in your life that influences someone else?  How much does the new generation really know about where our food comes from?  These women are passionate to get the word out that MILK doesn’t come from the grocery store it comes from a cow!  More later in a post from the conference.  Email me if you would like information. 




Happy New Year! January 13, 2010

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Well, I want to try to do better this year with this little crafty blog of mine.  I have all kinds of my little projects to post.  I got an EXPRESSION for Christmas YEAH.   My SIL got me Old West cartridge for Christmas, LOVE IT!!  My other SIL got me Locker Talk but being the spoiled wifey I am, I already had that one because of the 2008 Michael’s Black Friday sale.  So I returned it and got the Everyday Paper dolls cartridge.  Not one on my go out and get list but it looks like I can use it a lot with DS and school.  For whatever reason time truly flew by from November to December 31.  I only got to do one stinkin’ craft project all month long.  THEN on my time off I got to do one YES ONE layout for my scrapbook.  Discouraging I know!

Times are a changing let me tell you.  I am going to make time for the love of my life and craft!  I have all kinds of ideas in my head but I just don’t have time to get them done on paper.  I want to create magnificent layouts and projects like Monique Griffith’s does on her website.  I love her work.  I wish I was as talented as this lovely woman.  I might just have to order her kits seems that might be my only way of getting magnificent like she is.  Take a look at her stuff she is so awesome. 

Also I am taking the Eat from the Pantry/Freezer Challenge!  So far second week into it I am sticking to it and have only spent $10.32 at the grocery store.  Yay!  We are having a large variety of food and not eating the same thing over and over like if I didn’t do a menu.  But I have to go tonight and get the basics so hopefully it won’t be that much…

My menu will follow in the upcoming days!  It has been really yummy and have even gotten a great and a thumbs up from DS!  Impressive for ole mamma.  I don’t often get those from my little man.

I have to leave with that now. 




School’s Out June 8, 2009

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Well DS had his last day of school last week so this week is going to be full of being with Family.  DS thinks he’ll get to go to all of his cousin’s house for at least a week? WHAT?  We will just have to wait and see about that there isn’t enough weeks in the summer for all that. 

So last week, I decided to take the eat out of the pantry challenge all week and did well; menu to post later except on Saturday night.  I wanted to try a new dish and while it was good; the prep work to get it there was terrible so that recipe is in the trash to say the least. 

I finally found my star chipboard album I made several weeks ago now and finished another mini album.  Many more details on those this week too.

Our meal plan from last week came directly out of our pantry except Thursday and Saturday. So here was our menu for Last week. 


Monday – Homestyle Hamburger Hash variations include using just seasoned hash browns and regular can corn added more seasonings. 



Tuesday – Baked Potato Pizza

Wednesday – Beans, Cornbread, Corn & Macaroni and Cheese

Thursday – Pizza

Friday – Pork Tenderloins, mixed veggies

Saturday – Chicken Breast Bundles w/ Cranberry Chutney with Strawberry and blueberry shortcakes for dessert. YUMMY!

Sunday – Soup and sandwiches

 Oh what a week and I can’t help but be excited.  I wish each of you a great week.