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Kindergarten – 5 years old June 19, 2010

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My Kindergarten year

Well to be quite truthful I don’t remember much from that year.  I remember I loved my teacher Ms. Kelly Jones, she had straight brown hair that was down to her shoulders and a beautiful plain face that didn’t require a ton of makeup.  Funny that is what I remember about her.  I remember her getting everybody in her class Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer book for Christmas and  I think I may still have that book at my mom’s house.  I remember the wooden kitchen set that we were able to play with during play time.

I was really shy, really really really shy.  I didn’t talk much to anyone except Ms. Jones.  I remember this boy named Charlie in my room.  I thought he was a dream.  We never played together or talked.  I was too shy.  But Charlie moved away in the summer before First Grade what a bummer!  I was looking forward to seeing him again.  I was heartbroken.  I remember the disappointment of not knowing where he went. 

But the thing I remember most about Kindergarten was our birthday books.  Every time someone had a birthday we would color a page for them of whatever we wanted.  I don’t remember what I would draw but I still have my book.  Probably rainbows or flowers. 

Lane’s Kindergarten Year


He was scared to death!  We went and met his teacher prior to going and I discussed my concerns and she said he’ll do fine.  He did nonetheless.  He is a farmer.  You could ask him what 2+2 is and he couldn’t get it.  But you could say we have 2 cows and the other farm has 2 cows and he would without thinking say 4.  He wasn’t interested if it didn’t pertain to his farm. 

I have always read to him.  We read A LOT.  Dick and Jane books were one of our favorites.  My child has always had an imaginary friend.  ALWAYS.  Dick is his name.  Know where he got that from?  They have huge farms and cattle drives and horse ranches.  He is always around.   We had such a lovely Kindergarten year.  Most of his classmates were so good and sweet.  We had our share of things I don’t want to remember.  Overall it was a really good year for him. 

Oh boy do I have some stories on this sweet child.  My favorite is . . . After his first report card the teacher accidently put that he had missed a day.  Well I seen it and kept to myself that it upset me a little.  Well he took it a step further!  He says “Mom, that just really pi$$e$ me off.”  We had to have a little talk.  That it was not appropriate word to say and you shouldn’t say those words.  So being the thinker that he is he then responded a little later “So, that is like $hit, d@mn and @$$.  Yes. Sir. It. Is. Please don’t say those words again.  What is a mother of a little farmer suppose to do?  Don’t really answer that I already know. 

We were riding to school one beautiful day.  Now for a little back ground.  We live 30 minutes away from his school therefore we have some lovely conversations sometimes.  LOL!  This particular morning Little Farmer asked me the difference between God and the Devil. Well!  I thought carefully about the words that I would choose. 

I told him that God and the Devil are constantly trying to pull you in one direction or another.  They are constantly trying to make you do good or bad.  God is good and the Devil is bad.  He was good with this answer and I was quietly proud because this child is a thinker and I was expecting 20 more questions.  On the way home that evening for most of the trip I heard snap, snap, snap, snap after about 15 miles I finally got aggravated and asked WHAT.ARE.YOU.DOING.  Well, Mom, God told me if I felt like cussing to snap my fingers.  I looked at him and said yes dear I agree because 6 year olds are not suppose curse.  Thank you God.  God is good. 


I am blessed.  Truly Blessed.




Little Farmer’s Birth June 10, 2010

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I love birth stories.  I love hearing about little miracles that happen everyday. 

Lane’s Birth Story

Farmer was on second shift during the first 4 years of our marriage.  I was working full time during the day and Farmer worked from early in the evening to way up in the night.  I was so thrilled I had saved enough days to carry me through 6 weeks of paid maternity leave.  I worked really hard to make my appointments to where  I could do them at my lunch break or after work.  I knew we needed my paycheck.  Well, things were about to change. I went to my 35 week appointment.  The Dr. told me to go on full bed rest because I had started dilating just to 1 cm but that scared me to death. I got really depressed because I knew at that point I would run out of time before my 6 weeks would be up.

Finally I got over that.  My coworkers offered to give me their leave but I decided that someone ill would need that but I was so touched by their thoughtfulness.  We got through it just fine.  I put in for my leave not knowing how long I would be out.  So  I came home and crashed well almost.  I still had to do laundry and dishes because I did have to eat.  Some things that cost me!  A cow got out luckily my sis and my mom was here but yes I had to help she was crazy and I knew she would get by them, I held my belly up yes that was some funny business.  That was all I did for two weeks besides going to doctor visits. 

Then I couldn’t help but go and get groceries and all the last minute things.  YES BY MYSELF.  We had a farm to run and hubby worked second shift.  So I ran to Walmart.  Got two buggies over flowing full with no help from any of the store personnel.  LOOK I WAS ABOUT TO POP you would have thought someone would have asked if I needed help.  NOPE!

Good thing, I did all that because four days later I drove my self to the Doctor at 9 am because farmer was still sleeping and being the good wife I am I didn’t want to disturb him.  I wasn’t feeling right but I didn’t feel bad.  I had no pain.  My nurse hooked me up to a monitor came back and said Little Miss you are in labor.  I said what?  Luckily, I called my mom before hand and she decided to come up just in case.  Because the Doctor came in and said you need to go to the hospital.  He said, “by the way how did you get here?” My response, “I drove!” Of course I got in return, “NO NO NO you are suppose to be on bed rest!”  Anyways, I drove myself the 1 mile to the hospital and checked myself in with my mom by my side.  I called Farmer and he said I will be there as soon as I feed.  WHAT!?!  Okay I tell him,  by this time it is about 11 am.  Still I am in hardly no pain dilated 5 cm. I chose to go natural no pain meds at all.  They knew that but  NO one asked my opinion about what happened next.   Then they hook my up to pitocin to help speed me up.  I will never again have that unless I am not progressing at all or have to be induced. btw, we aren’t having any more children just for the record. 

Finally at 12:30 pm I start feeling a little pain. Farmer is still not there.   I am not worried at this point.  They come back in and check me and I am at 7 cm.  They break my water to help speed the birth up.  WHOA my husband isn’t here.  Hold up.  Nah, they do it anyways.  I am starting to get worried.  It is pushing 1:15 pm and I am wanting to start pushing but can’t.  FINALLY sometime after 1 he comes in. Bout time bud!  My legs went to sleep and my sister came in to check on me and I was scared because I couldn’t feel below my hips I really jumped down her throat.  Sorry sis, I was just scared.  I can’t say sorry enough.  I don’t talk like that to her.  I wasn’t me!  Skipping all the gory details (which is hilarious looking back on but wasn’t at the time) 1 hour of a little more than medium pain and 20 minutes of pushing my little farmer was born at 2:32 pm February 25, 2003 weighing 7 lbs 4.2 ozs. 

What a beautiful day that was!

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