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More horsin’ around May 29, 2009

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So DH took DS pony ridin again. He got bucked off twice. I wasn’t happy but I wasn’t there either. At least he wasn’t hurt. It just scared him to death.


C@mer@ Shy? May 28, 2009

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He shouldn’t be! 

So I had a late meeting on Tuesday at work…DH kept DS and took him riding on his pony.  DS has never taken the reins before by himself.  SO he did on Tuesday and DH said he did a wonderful job.  He wasn’t nervous or scared.  So they are getting in the truck to check on some of the cows.  DS says Daddy I am so glad Mom wasn’t here.  Well! I immediatley said upon hearing that terrible statement. DH tells me he told DS yes, she would have been very nervous. *DH knows me all too well.  DS says no Dad, click click click click click.  UGH! DH laughed so hard he cried! 




What h@ve u been up 2? May 27, 2009

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Wow, I really got to do some Scrapbooking and project making this past weekend; kept my house decent, and got my garden planted, although now I have to find a place for the green beans.  Somehow we left those out.  Oh well.  After being lazy on Monday we went to Lowe’s for some patio chairs and a table and I got to eat J@p@nese. Well, Lowe’s can keep it until the end of summer.  OMG, the one I wanted was so expensive.  I’ll wait until Clearance time.  I want a vacation this year so it is staying at Lowe’s for a while.  If I get it at the end of the season okay if not, better yet.  No luv lost. 

As I was saying before I got LOST…I made a mini album shaped like a star.  Chipboard is a Star from Michaels.  Cost $1.00 (Crayola).  They even had paper to match so you didn’t have to cut it out but I didn’t know about it until I had already purchased the chipboard albums.  Love them.  So on Saturday afternoon before cousins wedding I went to Michael’s since I was 20 minutes away I stocked up on the cut out papers to use.  They were only $1.00 too.  After DH counted the existing Chipboard albums previously purchased, I get to the store only to find the list is misplaced.  No where to be found.  Cry.  I winged it and came really close. I will post a picture of the mini album as soon as I can find it.  It has been a terrible weekend for leaving things behind. 

So here are a couple of projects I have done and will be posting more through the week.


Feeding Time

Easter #4Easter #3Easter #2Easter #1

Best Friends #1Best Friends #2Cowboy LO #2Cowboy LO #1Two of a Kind

No more shopping this month.  Pantry and closets are getting used up before I buy any thing else.  I don’t have any more room for “stock” piling like you see here on these other blogs.  If you can do that GREAT!  I am in a remote area and have to “stock” pile my everyday things.  I am just out of room.

 Oh and more thing before I leave for today.  DS had Strep last week so this week he has a bad case of poison oak.  His eye is swollen and it is on his neck so I guess we are back at Dr. this week too.  Between sickness and end of school, work is going to think I feel off the f@ce of the earth.  Say a little prayer that things calm down…




Layouts and Rite Aid Deal May 19, 2009

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Well, yes its been a while…our wireless has been down and well dial up is so very slow it literally takes hours to upload pictures of any kind.  In the meantime, I have been working on some layouts and other projects! 


 Campout #2

Hubby is going camping so I am going to go to Mama’s!  We have a wedding to go to for a cousin of ours.  I also am going to go to Michael’s.  Don’t really need anything but I have a 40% coupon and considering it takes so long to get there I am taking full advantage! 

 We had a play date with one of DS’s friends this past weekend.  Had SO much fun! 

 DS got a 24 hour bug…we really thought it was strep but he tested negative for it.  He is feeling much better today and even got to go back to school.  He had to miss his first field trip but will get to go on today’s!  3 in one week.  Well for him it was 2 in one week.  BUSY!  End of year.  So we went on the “town” field trip today and had so much fun!  God Bless Teachers!  I was worn out. I ended up keeping three kiddos.  2 were angels. 🙂 That is all I am going to say!  Thank goodness we had so many parents to help. 

Now to another part of GREATNESS!

Aren’t we all trying to save a little money!  WELL, I went to Rite Aid, LOVE Rite Aid, on Sunday to take a look at their sales…I got Band Aids, Finish dishwasher soap and Bayer Aspirin for $.52 YES $.52!!

 Rite Aid Deal 5-17

Here’s how:

Bayer Aspirin $3.99 minus $3.99 Single Check Rebate (SCR)

Band Aids .99 Minus $1 MC

Finish Dishwasher soap $4.79 minus $2.50 MC minus $2.00 (SCR)


I have to wait for the SCR to be mailed to me but so what I am getting all that money back!  So happy about my deal.

Hope you enjoy,




Another Gift Basket May 7, 2009

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Well here is the other gift basket; it is bath theme.  I used the NA Cart.

bath theme basket


My all time favorite meal is from the Japenese Steak house!  And yeah I get to go there tonight with a friend of mine who loves it as much as I do. 




Just Plain Busy May 6, 2009

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Life is so busy.  Seems that way for a lot of people.  I know I am not alone!

I haven’t been able to post any new projects BUT I am working on something I luv.  I will post more as I get it finished.

I finally got a bit of time to post some pictures.  I made a Thank you card for a beautiful lady!  You know who you are! 

Simple Thank you note


DS got a pony from his Pawpaw.  He loves it.


Sorry it isn’t a clear pic.  Oh golly I hope they don’t get mama a horse, cuz I am not riding.  Let me stay at home and scrap! Now that is an idea.  Yeah, more time for scrapping.  Go ahead boys and ride! 

I am still working on my other project.  Thank you to all that are saving TP rolls.  Oh I got so mad at myself this morning.  So this week is teacher appreication week.  I made stuff for all of Lane’s teachers.   TOOK THEM AND DIDN”T TAKE A PICTURE TO SHARE WITH YA’LL! UGH!!!!  Oh well, they enjoyed and it was just a flower pot, gloves and the seed packets that I posted before.

Well for now I must go!  I promise more projects soooon!