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Gift Tag/Men’s Birthday Car Wash Basket April 23, 2009

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Car tag for Birthday Basket














Here is a basket I am working  on for a family member’s birthday. 




Teacher gifts April 21, 2009

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teacher gifts

teacher gifts

Here is a little something that I am going to give the teachers at DS school for an appreciation gift. They (of course most are) are wonderful teachers and are so helpful to him. I have seed packets in the middle and will purchase small pots to put them in. I will put a note in there letting them know how very much I appreciate them for helping him learn and grow. Carts used were TBBM and WIMG.



Name frame April 20, 2009

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Name frame











A couple of weeks ago I did this for a student that moved.  I had a great time doing it!!!! I used my Buggy and the George Cart.  I also used some dinosaur stickers because he liked them.  I used DCWV Grade School paper.  LOVE IT!  That is my favorite stack of paper right now.




50 States cart

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Well, if you have read my previous post you would have seen I made a vow to not buy any more carts.  WELL, I just happened to be in Walmart and seen they had the 50 States Cart for $30.  So I had to snatch it up!  I fell off the shopping wagon. 

I have some plans to go to NC in a couple of weeks to one of my dearest buddies.  Can you say Scrapbook Shopping Heaven!  Yea.  Anywhoo I have to save the next couple weeks!!   

I did get in a creative mood this weekend.  I will post a picture as soon as I can.  Hopefully tomorrow! 

XO,  Becky


What a day! April 15, 2009

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What a day! I have been cold all day long. My mind is racin’ on my next project. Can’t quite see what I would like for it to be! 😦 I H@te that so badly. I am thinking I might do an altered post it notes cover. ? Oh golly, I am glad it’s H*mp day but will it ever end? 🙂 I want to go to LSS but I don’t have any money to spend, yucky! Maybe next week, I can take a day trip and get supplies/projects. So I guess it will be just use scraps this weekend. BUT on the plus side had a bday last week and sweet sis bought me Life’s a Beach cart and DH bought (even though I don’t think he knows) Storybook cart, Graphically Speaking cart, Wild Card and Tags, Boxes, and Bags cart for my bday. I got SB, GS, TBB from Cricutmachine.com. That website totally rocks. It was so fast, I got a shipment confirmation that afternoon. I will order again from there when another sale comes around, $29.99 a cart. Totally exciting! I told him he spoiled me, sadly enough all 3 of us are. But I am done buying carts this year. I AM NOT GOING TO BUY ANY MORE THIS YEAR. Well, that is my vow. Oh WELL, here are some more of my older lo.






Some older LO’s April 14, 2009

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Beach funFall raking Leaves2007 HalloweenTreasure EverydayPuddles of fun 2Puddles of funPutt putt golf Blue/Green Lo Water fun

Here are some older LO’s that I have done. I am pretty happy with these. I am very simple. I do not consider my self a creative person. I have to look at others to get inspired! LOVE the Puddles of Fun. It rained and at the end our driveway is a low spot which holds water. Lane splashed all the water out and begged his daddy to fill it up again. So much fun! 🙂 Hope you enjoy


A sweet story from my son! April 13, 2009

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One day this past week going to school, Lane asked why there was a God and why there was a Devil, so I say a little prayer to help me tell him in an understanding way the difference. So I tell him that on one shoulder the devil is tugging a line telling you to do bad things, i.e. cuss, be mean, be ugly etc. and God was on the other shoulder tugging the line toward him to do good things and be helpful to others etc. He understood and we let it be.

Well a couple of nights later on the way home he was snapping his fingers; annoyed I asked him why he was doing that. He calmly told me that God was on one hand and the Devil was on the other and God told him when he felt like cussing to just snap his fingers. I could hardly control myself. I told him that was a very good idea because for a 6 year old to be cussing it just wasn’t a nice thing to be doing.

XO, Becky