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What h@ve u been up 2? May 27, 2009

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Wow, I really got to do some Scrapbooking and project making this past weekend; kept my house decent, and got my garden planted, although now I have to find a place for the green beans.  Somehow we left those out.  Oh well.  After being lazy on Monday we went to Lowe’s for some patio chairs and a table and I got to eat J@p@nese. Well, Lowe’s can keep it until the end of summer.  OMG, the one I wanted was so expensive.  I’ll wait until Clearance time.  I want a vacation this year so it is staying at Lowe’s for a while.  If I get it at the end of the season okay if not, better yet.  No luv lost. 

As I was saying before I got LOST…I made a mini album shaped like a star.  Chipboard is a Star from Michaels.  Cost $1.00 (Crayola).  They even had paper to match so you didn’t have to cut it out but I didn’t know about it until I had already purchased the chipboard albums.  Love them.  So on Saturday afternoon before cousins wedding I went to Michael’s since I was 20 minutes away I stocked up on the cut out papers to use.  They were only $1.00 too.  After DH counted the existing Chipboard albums previously purchased, I get to the store only to find the list is misplaced.  No where to be found.  Cry.  I winged it and came really close. I will post a picture of the mini album as soon as I can find it.  It has been a terrible weekend for leaving things behind. 

So here are a couple of projects I have done and will be posting more through the week.


Feeding Time

Easter #4Easter #3Easter #2Easter #1

Best Friends #1Best Friends #2Cowboy LO #2Cowboy LO #1Two of a Kind

No more shopping this month.  Pantry and closets are getting used up before I buy any thing else.  I don’t have any more room for “stock” piling like you see here on these other blogs.  If you can do that GREAT!  I am in a remote area and have to “stock” pile my everyday things.  I am just out of room.

 Oh and more thing before I leave for today.  DS had Strep last week so this week he has a bad case of poison oak.  His eye is swollen and it is on his neck so I guess we are back at Dr. this week too.  Between sickness and end of school, work is going to think I feel off the f@ce of the earth.  Say a little prayer that things calm down…




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