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Layouts and Rite Aid Deal May 19, 2009

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Well, yes its been a while…our wireless has been down and well dial up is so very slow it literally takes hours to upload pictures of any kind.  In the meantime, I have been working on some layouts and other projects! 


 Campout #2

Hubby is going camping so I am going to go to Mama’s!  We have a wedding to go to for a cousin of ours.  I also am going to go to Michael’s.  Don’t really need anything but I have a 40% coupon and considering it takes so long to get there I am taking full advantage! 

 We had a play date with one of DS’s friends this past weekend.  Had SO much fun! 

 DS got a 24 hour bug…we really thought it was strep but he tested negative for it.  He is feeling much better today and even got to go back to school.  He had to miss his first field trip but will get to go on today’s!  3 in one week.  Well for him it was 2 in one week.  BUSY!  End of year.  So we went on the “town” field trip today and had so much fun!  God Bless Teachers!  I was worn out. I ended up keeping three kiddos.  2 were angels. 🙂 That is all I am going to say!  Thank goodness we had so many parents to help. 

Now to another part of GREATNESS!

Aren’t we all trying to save a little money!  WELL, I went to Rite Aid, LOVE Rite Aid, on Sunday to take a look at their sales…I got Band Aids, Finish dishwasher soap and Bayer Aspirin for $.52 YES $.52!!

 Rite Aid Deal 5-17

Here’s how:

Bayer Aspirin $3.99 minus $3.99 Single Check Rebate (SCR)

Band Aids .99 Minus $1 MC

Finish Dishwasher soap $4.79 minus $2.50 MC minus $2.00 (SCR)


I have to wait for the SCR to be mailed to me but so what I am getting all that money back!  So happy about my deal.

Hope you enjoy,




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