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Right Back to It January 8, 2011

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January is a month that for me, I get back on my budget and the debt snowball starts again.  I am taking the Pantry/Freezer Challenge over at Life as Mom.  My goal is not to spend more than $30 on staples through the month.  Our freezers are over flowing and so are the pantries.  First week, CHECK.  It was a success.

Week of January 4th Menu Plan

Monday – Fried Chicken, Okra, Mixed Vegetables

Tuesday – Cowboy Beans, Cornbread

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday – Stuffed Green Pepper Balls from a meal frozen in the freezer from November, Mac and Cheese Green Beans, Cresent Rolls

Friday – Snacks

Spent $11 on Milk, OJ, Bread, Eggs

I now have no grocery store with in 20 minutes of work and over 45 minutes from my home.  YIKES!  Our tiny grocery store in our community closed its doors.  It is so hard to run to another town just to get the staples and not pick up other stuff as well.  So we have a milk delivery man that sets up from his truck once a week and sells!!!  This sure does help me stay out of those grocery stores, let me tell you. 

I have gotten my craft vibe back so look for some crafty type posts too in the future.  My goal is at least one per week.  Well, we’ll see.   😉

Our January and February is full of Birthdays and baby showers this year!  I am off to a busy, busy month.




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