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Live a little June 15, 2010

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A comment was made not directly to me but it made me think. 

“Live a little.  You only live once.” 


Again, I am STEPPING on TOES but I make no apologies.  You have an opinion and mine is different.


I don’t need to have the best of something.  I don’t have a flat screen television, a blackberry, a brand new car.  My furniture is still mismatched in the bedrooms.  I am still using the furniture I got when I was a teenager. I am good with that. 

I thought I might have wanted a new car. But boy did I quickly change my mind. 

I do want to say, I do feel like we live well.  We still have “fun” money.  We have never been a family to go out to an expensive restaurant every weekend.   On occasion we do and for special events we do and don’t blink an eye now.  I go out with friends for girl nights several times a year.  Now look our “girl nights” usually consist of a movie and dinner and lots of talking, LOTS.OF.TALKING. sigh  

By paying off debt and living debt free, I do not mean you have to stop “having fun and living”.    I had that same perception too before I started this journey.  We didn’t! I really changed my mind about that very quickly. It is really funny because I feel like I am living more today than I was 2 years ago.  I am only 6 months into this debt free journey and have paid over $8,000 + off.  What a relief.  Plus I am saving for a vacation of a lifetime which has not been counted in that total.  I haven’t saved it all yet but looking at the preliminary numbers for June, it is 77 percent.  Not too shabby.  We leave in a month or so. 

 I am working on getting the house paid off now.  I am off to a slow start but am still determined to do it.  I have 7 years left!  I have always paid extra on it.  We bought our house in 2001.  I really wish that I had found this journey before now.    I could have already paid that off. 

The great thing about being debt free; I am NOT living paycheck to paycheck like I was 9 months ago.  I really enjoy being able to go and get what I need or want without a worry of what I was going to have to sacrifice to get it.  I am eating healthier because I am watching what goes onto our plates.  I am learning new things everyday about cooking, storing food and stretching our dollars.    

Life is short.  Do you really want to be in debt the rest of it?




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