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May Update June 1, 2010

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May Update

May has been a month where I didn’t know where we are going or coming.  Looking back is that really a change.  May is a very unpleasant month for me, personally.  The temperatures are just about right for planting the garden, the grass is green and grows and grows, the bugs and snakes are coming out, school is coming to an end, all the end of year gatherings and field trips etc., homework just keeps getting worse getting ready for the next grade, it is light outside at bed time and NO ONE wants to go to bed, the farm work is just getting started so it is late nights for farmer.  My list just goes on and on.  I don’t have another month that urks me quite like this one does.  Oh and I forgot it holds the ONE weekend where the farmer is on a campout is in May too.  It just messes our routine up so bad! HAHAHA.  Did I say that the snakes and ticks are out and about.  My child can walk on pavement touch one blade of grass and find a tick crawling on him.  We are “deticked” nightly.  NO JOKE.  They terrify me although I am able to kill them unlike a snake. 

I didn’t do too badly on the budget this month.  I stayed within or below my $50 a week goal for grocery/household items.  I got money saved and started the new house payment.  I didn’t save as much as I wanted but it is okay.  Once I get in the new house payment routine I will be able to watch more be put up into savings.  I am hopeful for that. 

Consumer loan #1        100%

Consumer loan #2        100%

Consumer loan #3        100%

Vacation Savings          63%

Mortgage                       1% Jaw dropping!  Will I ever move more one percent a month?  Sure after July 31st.  I pray!

June I hope to be able to CLEAN OUT the clutter!  I can’t do it in the “Spring”!  We have too much other stuff to do for this working mom referring back to the massive list in the first paragraph.   I also want to have a big garage/yard sale too before our big trip.  What doesn’t go I want to take to good will or have a “free” sale just to make sure it doesn’t go in the landfill.  It will not come back home with me.   Hopefully this will generate some more spending money for the trip.  I want little farmer to be able to get some souvenirs of the trip…so this should help a little.  Counting down the days already. 

We have a couple of little trips planned for the month of June.  Hopefully Farmer can take off and jump on a mini vacation with us.  Who knows. 




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