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Insurance May 13, 2010

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Let me voice my opinion.  First let me say that this is my opinion and it should not be seen as any opinions of anyone else including my employer or any of its affiliates.  


Insurance is protection.  I have home, auto, health and life insurance and are thinking about some others like cancer, long term care and an umbrella policy.  Yes I may be over-insured fine by me.  I am not a risk taker so I have insurance to protect against perils (A danger or hazard that can cause a loss, for example, a car collision with an object, or a fire.).  I have insurance on my family.  I want my child/children to be taken care of if something should ever happen to me before he/she is an adult.  In my budget, I have always has money set aside for the monthly/yearly payments of life insurance because I believe in it.


Even though I am striving to live a debt free life; there will always be bills that have to be paid whether I am alive or not.  I do have a small mortgage left to pay and have 7 years on it.  I want very much so to pay this off and live debt free.  I am a realist as a friend told me the other day.  I know that cars don’t last forever.  I know that bills come up.  I know that expenses can surprise you when you least expect it too.  I am realizing that it might be better to save up money for the car/other debts instead of paying the house off early.   We have a great interest rate and monthly payments that we can afford.  Still yet, I don’t want my child/children to be burdened with a mortgage payment his/her caretaker wouldn’t be able to afford either so I have TERM and WHOLE Life policies to cover my expenses if something was to happen to me. 

Do you?


Think about what you can afford per month?  Your agent can talk to you about your needs and what he or she has to offer. 


I am also not one to jump around to a different insurance company every other year or so just to save a buck or two.  I want a trusted company that will help their clients in every possible way; be friendly when I call in or have a claim that is important to me.  I do not want to be just a number or just another customer to have to deal with.  I want to be able to go in and pay instead of mailing the check or having to do it online.  I want the personal touch per say.  I stay in touch with the agent and get to know them.  I want someone to handle my affairs that know who I am. 

 Like I said before THESE ARE MY OPINIONS.  I want my child/children to be taken care of by the caretaker without extra burdens added to them. I can not be any clearer that this is what I believe to be important to us not necessarily what you need for your family. In the very least I hope you can think about the benefits of insurance.  I am not a risk taker and believe in insurance.  I have personally seen how it affects people lives whether you see a tragedy coming or if it is unexpected.





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