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Hand Me Downs May 6, 2010

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Little Farmer cringed when I told him that with summer coming we were going to go yard selling to find some clothes because he is growing out of his current stash.  Well Mama had to have a little chat with him about once we washed them they became his and if he really wanted his trip in the summer he was going to go with me so I could hold the clothes up and try what I need to one, etc.  We need to save as much as possible to be able to bring home some souvenirs from our big trip.   

So a dear classmate is a full size bigger than little farmer; so his mama and  I were chatting about clothes and she said that they had just graduated to a bigger size.  YES for little farmer!  She brought me 2 big shopping bags.  She is so generous.  He couldn’t wait to get home and go through them.   Funny thing is he doesn’t even think of them as ever being someone elses.  She had told me that they were some pants that need patching because the knees were busted out of them.  Little Farmer was the MOST EXCITED about those pants so I told him he could wear them around here. 

So are you lucky enough to have a friend that shares?  In return, do share for free your stuff not necessarily clothes that you don’t use and more?  I always try to pass clothes down the line whether to family, friends, or even strangers.




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