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March Update March 30, 2010

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March update!

Great news for the debt payoff WE PAID OFF NUMBER TWO!!   I know it was only the second small loan of really 4 loans including the MORTGAGE but STILL I am excited, now moving on to Vacation Savings (VS).  We won’t be going to payoff Loan #3 until after we save for the VS since I really want to take this vacation that is once in a lifetime for us!!  I hope that I can work as fast on the Vacation Savings as the Loan #2 went but there was some extra money that came in for March that isn’t going to be there for the remainder of the year. 

So here are the numbers for March:

Consumer #1                100% as of January 31, 2010

Consumer #2                100% as of March 12, 2010

Consumer #3                17%

Vacation Savings          44%

The weekly budget for Grocery went down the drain on the first week just because of the Birthday party.  I did save money having a homemade cake.  But for the rest of the month I was determined to stay with the budget. Did well for week number 2 and 3 = $10.  Just for milk and bread.  We were so busy during weeks 2 and 3, we didn’t eat at home much.  We didn’t eat “out” either.  Most of the time a meal was included in the activity that we had planned.

I also have been couponing at Rite Aid pretty heavy and already have a “free” after rebates Christmas gift for 2010.  Luckily it is something that doesn’t go bad.  J  And I am planning a Kroger trip this weekend.  I have several coupons to get some almost free stuff.  Gotta love scrappin!   I love getting free food and almost free food.  Even though I am taking a trip to Kroger, I am still working on the couponing at the grocery stores but are mostly relying on sales and shopping the circulars for savings. 

I feel really good about the non-mortgage debt we have now it is really low in comparison to what we started with in January 2010.  Now I am very careful of what I spend.  In fact I am not spending anything extra besides what we need!   I couldn’t believe what we were “throwing” away with nothing to show for it before. 

Remember for now: Sometimes to save money you have to spend no money at all.




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