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Gun Slinger February 19, 2010

Filed under: scrapbook layouts — gotta love scrappin' @ 3:19 pm

At my Uncle and Aunts house they have several different animals in a field beside their home.  Turkeys, chickens, fainting goats, and other assorted sheep and more goats.  So these turkeys have been roosting on the fence and dumping their waste and making a mess, so too speak.  So Auntie took the BBgun and Little Farmer to knock them off.  OMG it was so funny.  They did well but the turkey’s feathers blocked the BB from actually hitting their skin; it was more aggravating for the turkeys than hurtful.  Little Farmer did really good with his aim too.  I was quite impressed. It was such hard work we had to get some drinks afterwards too.  Like I said too funny!  Of course I had to use Old West Cartridge for this layout.  




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