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January 2010 Update February 5, 2010

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Finally, I put together the numbers! 

Some little things I have done for us for February is set a $40.00 weekly grocery/ household budget and try not to go over this.  I am trying real hard to eat out of the pantry and freezer for at least two more weeks.  We have a beef processed every year this helps alot and we still have lots leftover from 2008-2009.  Also, I am going to dip my hand in couponing, yes everywhere I read I see couponing really saves money NO DOUBT about that it is just making it happen and remember the darn things. 

Farmer and Little Farmer are both having birthdays for February.  Yes, I do always have a big get-together for Little Farmer and sometimes Farmer too (he never celebrated birthdays with parties when he was little, so he tells me); this is the only time my grandmothers and uncles, aunts and cousins come to my house.  I am really going to try not to go overboard like I do every other year. I really like to entertain them.  But this year it looks like it is going to snow on the weekend (it has every weekend for the past 4 weeks why would the next two be any different).  SO…I really don’t know how many people well show.  But to save some $$, I am making the Birthday cake myself.  No I have never done this.  Little Farmer wants one of the big cupcakes as his so I will be trying to decorate it like a little barn! YIKES! I don’t know about all that, will update a little later on that!  For his gift, I actually found a gift in my closet for Little Farmer that was “forgotten” about at Christmas!  So I don’t actually have to buy any presents for him. Yippee!

Update for January Debt Payoff for 2010:

Consumer Loan #1


Consumer Loan #2


Consumer Loan #3




As you can see I am making some progress.  I hope to have #2 up in the double digits by February 28th.  I might have set my goals a little high but I am determined to pay this debt off.  I am taking aim at that one because it does have the highest interest rate on it. 

Saving Motto for February “Sometimes to save money, you have to not spend money at all.”




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