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Slowly Learning to live DEBT FREE! January 31, 2010

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I am bound and determined to live debt free!  I am really struggling trying to acquire this dream and knock a HUGE dent out our DEBT in 2010.  I did well in January but I could have been better; I just need to stay out of Walmart and stick to my list when I do go.  We have 5 consumer loans.  Now my goal is to have 3 them paid off in 2010. Yippeee! I got one of the smaller ones paid off this month.  I will keep it paid off.  I know it will take me longer on the others but I am determined to get them paid off. If all goes accordingly, I hope by this December to only have my Home and Home Equity payments and still be able to take the North western Bus tour.  It feels really good to have a loan paid off.  

I am learning to be frugal and adjust my spending habits.  I have lived a very spoiled life for the past 8 years.  If I saw something I wanted I bought it and still made my monthly payments.  But still had those monthly payments every month.  My weakness for the past three years have been Provo Craft and scrapbooking, before that it was my son and getting the lastest and before he was born it was getting the house furnished etc.  There was always a theme.   I know my weakness and where I need to start.  Now look I don’t have that much Credit card debt.  I was always taught the CC’s are the devil.  Yes, they can get you in some deep trouble but I have one and yes it has a revolving balance on it at this particular moment in time.  I have always managed to get it paid off but then I always built it back up.  Same routine.  So once I get it paid off this year, yes it is out of here.  My husband will carry his in case of an emergency on the road.  But only In Case of an Emergency. He rarley uses the thing and I swear he even asks me before he uses it.  I do have a great husband (most of the time) ;-)! HEEHEE.

In the mean time I will keep you updated on my progress! Maybe not weekly but at least monthly.  That way I have to at least TRY at it.  Right?

Until then




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