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Meal Plan for week of January 18th January 20, 2010

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Well being off on Monday you would have thought I’d been able to craft, clean and get the menu plan published at the beginning of the week but OH NO, things happen not really bad things just off kilter kind of things.  My kitchen sink stopped up, took the recyclables to the recycling center and yes 400 boxes flew everywhere trying to get them in the bin, then Farmer asked that I go and get oil and filters after picking up Little Farmer from school. URG!! Walmart your kidding right? NO he wasn’t.  At least my oil is changed now and I am back in business. 

So Meal Plan changed on Monday

Monday  Hoagies (bought bread, meat, toppings at Walmart this afternoon)

Tuesday Leftovers

Wednesday Pork Tenderloin with Green Beans

Thursday Baked Corn Dogs with Fried Apples

Friday Spaghetti with small salad and garlic bread

Saturday Leftovers

While Monday and Tuesday’s meal didn’t come from the pantry the rest will!  I am excited that my pantry is looking more organized and Farmer is glad that the pasta selection is getting lower.  I have kind of burnt him out on pasta the month of Nov and Dec I guess where we were so busy and everything that it was just a quick meal. 




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