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A sweet story from my son! April 13, 2009

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One day this past week going to school, Lane asked why there was a God and why there was a Devil, so I say a little prayer to help me tell him in an understanding way the difference. So I tell him that on one shoulder the devil is tugging a line telling you to do bad things, i.e. cuss, be mean, be ugly etc. and God was on the other shoulder tugging the line toward him to do good things and be helpful to others etc. He understood and we let it be.

Well a couple of nights later on the way home he was snapping his fingers; annoyed I asked him why he was doing that. He calmly told me that God was on one hand and the Devil was on the other and God told him when he felt like cussing to just snap his fingers. I could hardly control myself. I told him that was a very good idea because for a 6 year old to be cussing it just wasn’t a nice thing to be doing.

XO, Becky


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