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Goodbye for Now, I am on Facebook though! March 8, 2011

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I am currently going to close up shop here (for a while anyways) on the blog and just post on my Gotta Love Scrappin Facebook page.  Look at the bottom of sidebar for a link to it!  Thank you for coming to see the blog and feel free to like my page on Facebook.  I feel that I will be better prepared for making updates to the Facebook page than post here and there and everywhere. 


I love sharing my thoughts and crafts with you.  May I be of inspiration to you and your creative MO-JO.





Life is not Measured Tile January 16, 2011

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My SWEET Aunt has been wanting one of these tiles for many, many months.  My crafting mojo left and it didn’t return for a really long time. 

Finally I have finished it. 

I used Sure Cuts Alot Software with my Cricut.  Then my computer crashed and I lost it so I finished it up with Jasmine Cart.  I am by far never perfect and this could have had some more work but I do kinda like with the imperfections.




Pooh & Harper January 12, 2011

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My DS’s teacher is expecting anyday now.  She is having a baby girl and she is going to name her Harper.  Pooh is her theme.  So I have made her a name frame for her room.  This is made with Pooh and Friends Cartridge. 




Right Back to It January 8, 2011

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January is a month that for me, I get back on my budget and the debt snowball starts again.  I am taking the Pantry/Freezer Challenge over at Life as Mom.  My goal is not to spend more than $30 on staples through the month.  Our freezers are over flowing and so are the pantries.  First week, CHECK.  It was a success.

Week of January 4th Menu Plan

Monday – Fried Chicken, Okra, Mixed Vegetables

Tuesday – Cowboy Beans, Cornbread

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday – Stuffed Green Pepper Balls from a meal frozen in the freezer from November, Mac and Cheese Green Beans, Cresent Rolls

Friday – Snacks

Spent $11 on Milk, OJ, Bread, Eggs

I now have no grocery store with in 20 minutes of work and over 45 minutes from my home.  YIKES!  Our tiny grocery store in our community closed its doors.  It is so hard to run to another town just to get the staples and not pick up other stuff as well.  So we have a milk delivery man that sets up from his truck once a week and sells!!!  This sure does help me stay out of those grocery stores, let me tell you. 

I have gotten my craft vibe back so look for some crafty type posts too in the future.  My goal is at least one per week.  Well, we’ll see.   😉

Our January and February is full of Birthdays and baby showers this year!  I am off to a busy, busy month.




Paying off the Mortgage October 9, 2010

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I am striving to live a debt free life.  I am focusing on getting my mortgage paid off while balancing expected and unexpected debt that pops it ugly head in our lives.  The one thing that has helped us.  I pay extra on my mortgage, always have.  This is one of the more important  suggestions I can make to all folks who want to pay off their mortgage faster. 

I am blessed that we can almost survive off one income and have the second income at our disposal.  I said ALMOST!!! 

In May, we refinanced our 11 year 1st (6.0%) 2nd (6.25%) mortgages into our 7 year 4.25% first mortgage.  Our monthly payment went up of course but that is 4 YEARS! Worth of savings to us.  This ended up saving us roughly $25,392.  WOW!

I am paying any extra I can to help get this debt down to 5 years.  I am paying at minimum to the next $1,000.  Meaning if my principal payment is $727 for the month of November I am paying at minimum $273 worth of extra principal. 

Every time I think I figure out this game of debt I get an unexpected twisted.  Little Farmer at the age of 7 is having some orthodontic problems.  At least this debt is interest free.

To keep our finances in check, I have a weekly budget.  I only have a few categories which include Groceries, gas, lunches, fun, babysitter, and household goods.  If there is any left over from the week before it automatically goes to the savings account. 

I also use coupons for groceries and household goods.  I am better at shopping the sales than using coupons but I do use them.  I am contentious about what we spent too.  If we don’t have a use for it, we do not buy it. 

 What do you do that helps you save money? 




July Update August 1, 2010

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July Update:

I am very happy to report I saved enough money to have paid the trip in cash and take spending money to have spent ZERO from any debit or credit cards!  I am super excited about that because after all the changes we made in May to refinance the house I knew it would be rough getting things back in order.   And a plus I brought money back home with us too.  SCORE!  But I also had a car repair bill of $320 to pay.  Hopefully that little fix will keep that me running for several more years!

House Debt Paid:  2%

I said back in June, my goal would be 10% by October.  I am changing it to be a little more realistic.  I will be at 10% by December.  I hope August will be a great month and we will be able to frugally shop for back to school.  Lucky part is I still have several items leftover from last year! 

Our trip out west was absolutely wonderful.  I already want to go back and haven’t been home two weeks. 

This is one of the thousands of pictures I took. 

School is starting very soon in this area!  Enjoy what is left of the summer!




June Debt Update June 30, 2010

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My June has looked alot like my April.  Not a lot saved.  I am upset a little about that because I had to take the remainder of the balance on the trip out of savings because it was due on June 11.  I am still hoping to put that money back before our trip in July.  

Mortgage: 2%

Vacation: 84%

I would like to be at 10 % on the mortgage before October.  I feel this is a realistic goal for me.  I need to buckle down and put back.   I feel after this vacation is over I will be able to get back on track.  July will hold family reunions and lots of travel with the vacation and all. 

I will be taking a bloggy break for a couple of weeks.  Hopefully my creative juices will come back after my trip.